Thursday, April 30, 2015

Professional Reflection

If I/we had the opportunity to present this lesson again to a similar audience, would I/we do anything differently? What would I/we do? Why would I/we do it?

I enjoyed creating and presenting our lesson. I would not change anything technology wise, but next time when presenting I will make sure I talk to the entire room and not just Dr. Lomax. I felt at times that I was looking and speaking directly toward him than my classmates. That would be the only thing I would do differently.

Final Reflection Video

EDM 310 Final Reflection

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Friday, April 24, 2015

Technology and Teaching: My Philosophy

Before taking EDM 310, I thought, really what is the point of this class? I know about technology and the different types of technologies that can be used within the classroom. I was somewhat on the line when it came to technology in the classroom. I was for it, but to a minimum. I was that person who didn't want too much technology in the classroom because I felt it could be a distraction as well as take away simple skills such as writing. I also didn't like how textbooks were being taken out of schools. I kept thinking this class will not change my view on technology and teaching. While I still would like to keep technology to a minimum in my classroom and use it when necessary, I must say I learned more about how technology and teaching are intertwined. Of course, I knew the basic technologies used within classroom such as computers and laptops, but there are so many more things I didn't know about. I found a new form of technology that I know for sure I will use in my classroom. Blogs! Who would've thought that I would become a big blog fan? I think a classroom blog will be great! Blogs aren't just about writing stuff down just because you are assigned to do that. No, blogs can be fun! There are so many activities and projects you can build using blogs. Blogs can help with reading and writing skills as well as socialization skills because you build relationships through blogging.
Also, when it comes to using other technologies, I want to learn just as students learn. Some people say that teachers shouldn't be required to know how to use the technology that their students use, but I disagree. Yes, I want my students to be independent and learn how to use the tools given, but I also want to be able to help students if they get in a bind. Just because I'm a teacher doesn't mean I can't learn new things. Isn't that what we are teaching our students? We must remember that we are all teachers and learners. 

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blog Post #5 Part 2

Personal Learning Network: PLN

Before I came into EDM 310, I honestly had no idea what PLNs were. Then, as I researched and read different things for this class, I saw that in a way I did have a personal learning network. I had a PLN through the app, twitter, but I wasn't as involved and engaged with different tools and people that were available to me. I went from following one of my favorite teachers just because to following many more teachers and my peers that are associated with my major. I enjoy going on twitter and seeing different quotes or websites that have interesting things pertaining to education and teaching. I get so many ideas just from twitter alone. Another tool that has helped build my PLN are the C4T and C4K assignments. I really enjoyed reading articles and blog posts from different people from all areas of the world. I even got a few replies from comments I posted on their blogs. Recently, I was assigned a C4K blog that was from a student in New Zealand, and I saw that the student and I had quite a few things in common. So when I commented on her post, I didn't expect for her teacher to reply back to me thanking me for the kind and motivating words I left on his student's post. He even visited to my blog to the leave comment and checked it out. That right there showed me just how powerful and important PLNs can be. There are many things that I will take from having taken EDM 310, but one of the most important things will be the different people I got to communicate with. I now know that I have so many tools to help me as I continue on this path to become a teacher.

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Blog Post #14

For this post, I read Joel Klein's Teaching Our Children Can Be A Profession. In this article, Joel talks about the problems associated with teaching and solutions to those problems. He would like teaching to be professionalized like other professions such as law and medicine.

  • The first problem: Most teachers get hired just by having a degree
  • The solution to this problem: To do what other successful countries are doing and recruit from top third of graduates

I agree with this solution to recruit from the top third of graduates. Recruit those who really want to teach, and have shown through evaluations that they deserve to be teachers. Reward those who took getting their degree seriously, and actually wanting to teach. Sometimes you have people who just pick teaching because they feel like its an easy profession to make an income. Let's get rid of those people and make teacher a tough profession to get into. That way those who really are passionate about teaching will take full advantage of the opportunity.

  • The next problem: Seniority (teachers with more years of experience will be chosen over first year or teachers with less experience at all times)
  • The solution to this problem; Professionalize teaching and treat all teachers no matter the tenure as equals

I agree and disagree with this solution. I agree that all teachers should be treated equally no matter what. This will drive and motivate teachers to go beyond their limits to achieve success. Teachers shouldn't be judged by how much time they have or haven't been teaching, but I do think for certain situations seniority can be used.

  • The last problem: Some teachers do not treat their job as a profession
  • The solution to this problem: Teachers creating their own board to police the profession, creating their own standards, creating their own mandate for inept teachers, as well as promotions based on specialty exams
I agree with this statement. I think teachers creating their own board to police the profession is a good  idea because teachers know what they want and expect from this profession. I think this is part of what is wrong with teaching now. So many people outside of teaching are telling teachers what they should be doing when they have no clue. A board where past and future who have been through the trenches and understand the profession can create standards and guidelines. Just like law and medicine professions have oaths, I think there should be one as well for the official entry into the teaching professionalism. 

In conclusion, I am all for Joel Klein's idea of professionalizing education. This NEEDS to be done. Teachers should have standards and duties in the sames way that lawyers have model rules of professional conduct. Teaching must become a profession that will be known for qualifications and hard work and not just based on someone having a degree. We must pick the best qualified people to teach the future generations. Reading this article made me realize just how much teaching is unappreciated in a way. It also made me realize just hard I shall continue to work to earn my degree. 

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